Messages from the SPOA Board

We would like to thank those residents who appreciate the value that the Stonebridge Property Owners Association brings to our neighborhood. As a member of the SPOA you HAVE A VOICE, so join today. The many devoted people involved in SPOA activities are volunteers who are making a difference. We could use your help to maintain Stonebridge as a desirable place to live. We would love to see your face in our next group photo. $40.00 per year mandatory.

Congratulations new board members, commissioners

The Stonebridge Property Owners Association (SPOA) congratulates the newly-elected members of the SPOA Board of Directors (elected on October 19, 2016). They are: Gil Arevalo, Rachel Fleetwood, Regina Lacaze and Dawn Peterson.

SPOA President Suzanne Farrar also thanks members of the Association who attended the Special Call Meeting for purposes of voting for new members of the Board and/or who turned in proxy votes and those who helped in obtaining the proxy votes. Your time given for your neighborhood homeowners association and community is much appreciated.

Further, during the special call meeting, Mrs. Farrar announced the names of the persons elected to the board of the new Stonebridge Beautification District. The new commissioners are David Andignac, Eric Jarrell, Bruce Layburn, Timothy Scanlan, Ancil Taylor and Michael Teachworth.