Message from SPOA Board


We would like to thank those residents who appreciate the value that the Stonebridge Property Owners Association brings to our neighborhood. As a member of the SPOA you HAVE A VOICE, so join today. The many devoted people involved in SPOA activities are volunteers who are making a difference. We could use your help to maintain Stonebridge as a desirable place to live. We would love to see your face in our next group photo. $40.00 per year mandatory.

The Stonebridge Property Owners Association (SPOA) is hosting its 1st Annual Stonebridge Summer Fest on Friday, August 5, 2016 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Stonebridge Country Club, Gretna, LA. This is a fundraiser to accommodate the preservation of the uniqueness of one of the safest communities in Jefferson Parish Come out and enjoy an evening of fun, networking and information sharing with neighbors and friends to preserve our unique status as one of the leading communities in Jefferson Parish.

Please click on the flyer to purchase tickets through Eventbrite.
Or you can purchase the tickets by from:

Corina at Stonebridge Country Club 1500 Stonebridge Dr, Gretna, LA 70056 phone number (504) 394-1300.
Stanley at 1320 Lake Louise Dr, Gretna, LA 70056 phone number (504) 394-0210.
Celeste at (504) 982-4774
John at (504)367-6164.
Donna at (504) 251-9869.
Toni at (504) 975-3708

Click here for the minutes of June 1 special meeting