Messages from the SPOA Board



If there are any members in good standing that would like to be nominated for the board this year, please contact any current SPOA board member or contact us via the contact page on this site.

Elected board members serve a two year term. Officers of the board are elected at the meeting after the board election by the existing and newly elected board members themselves; officer positions on the board are for one year terms. As always, if you receive the list of candidates in the mail and wish to have your name added after that, you will still have that opportunity, but getting word to us sooner will ensure that your name is on the postcard of nominees.

We would like to thank those residents who appreciate the value that the Stonebridge Property Owners Association brings to our neighborhood. As a member of the SPOA you HAVE A VOICE, so join today. The many devoted people involved in SPOA activities are volunteers who are making a difference. We could use your help to maintain Stonebridge as a desirable place to live. We would love to see your face in our next group photo. Membership dues are $40.00 per year per property, and are mandatory for all residents.

Stonebridge Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 1382
Harvey, LA 70059