Contact Information

All members of the Board and Committee Volunteers are required to file an annual mandatory Personal Financial Disclosure Statement with the Louisiana Board of Ethics – Click here for the Louisiana Ethics Administration program.

Board of Directors

President- Dawn Peterson: 504-352-0581,

Vice-President-  Paul Leman: 

Treasurer- Regina LaCaze,

Secretary, Gil Arevalo: 225-614-5137,

Board Members:

Ben Bourgeois: 

Dayton House: 

Rachel Fleetwood: 504-782-3961,

Norwood Norris: 504-982-4776,



Architectural Control

     Jim Juneau:
     Norwood Norris: 504-982-4776                                                                  

Beautification Committee

     Patsy Fogarty: 504-392-3399


     David Colvin: 504-367-9001
     Andre Guishard: 504-366-6180

Membership Committee

     Patsy Fogarty: 504-392-3399

Newsletter Editor

     Jennifer Steel: 504-232-4641

Special Events

     Rachel Fleetwood: 504-782-3961

Security Committee & Camera

    Sean Lusk: 504-598-5841 , 

Guardhouse Maintenance

     John Maggiore: 504-367-6164