General Information

The Stonebridge Property Owners Association (SPOA) annual fee is a mandatory legal requirement for all Stonebridge property owners and has been required for all Stonebridge property parcels since SPOA was created as Stonebridge’s home owners association in 1982.

Starting January 1, 2024, the annual fee for improved lots/houses has been reinstated to the legally authorized amount of $60 per year. Similarly, the annual fee for unimproved/vacant lots has been reinstated to the legally authorized amount of $30.

If you currently owe more than 3 years of unpaid fees, you must immediately pay your unpaid fees in full, otherwise legal action will be taken including a lawsuit and/or filing of a property lien under the LOUISIANA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION ACT, La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 9:1141.1 – 9:1148. A lawsuit will cost you attorney’s fees and court costs and a property lien will prevent the sale or refinance of your property and cost you interest and additional charges. Please pay your unpaid fees immediately!

Your annual fee funds the operations of your all-volunteer SPOA, including maintenance of our neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal, including green spaces, seasonal decorations, lighting, banners, website upkeep, and legal fees for covenant and wall maintenance enforcement. Your fees help us preserve the beauty and value of Stonebridge which increases property values for all of us.

Please note that SPOA (Stonebridge Property Owners Association) and SNIBD (Stonebridge Neighborhood Improvement and Beautification District) are separate entities. SPOA is the home owners association and oversees subdivision security, cameras, covenant and code enforcement, wall maintenance enforcement, gate repair, and other activities. SNIBD owns & operates the golf course and clubhouse. Questions about golf, room rentals, etc. must be directed to SNIBD.

Ensuring the safety and security of our neighborhood is SPOA’s top priority, and we’re proud that Stonebridge is one of the safest subdivisions in our metro area. Remember to lock your car doors, keep garage doors closed, and ensure your home is well-lit at nighttime. Report suspicious activity in our neighborhood by calling 9-1-1 or notify one of the entrance guards. Unmarked police cars regularly patrol our neighborhood. Please don’t speed in our subdivision. At SPOA’s request, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is actively issuing tickets to speeders.

SPOA asks you to please maintain your home, lawn, and garden in a clean & attractive manner. Properties in disrepair, or with high grass, weeds, clutter, junk cars, etc. should be reported to Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement (504-364-3505). Also report these to SPOA preferably via email with photographs. SPOA will address issues and your information will remain confidential. Parish code violations and SPOA restrictive covenant violations will face legal action from SPOA if not corrected. Boats, RVs, campers, trailers, and commercial vehicles cannot be parked in driveways or on streets. Overnight vehicle parking on the streets in Stonebridge is not permitted. Thank you for picking up litter wherever you see it.

If you plan to build a home in Stonebridge, modify your home, add a carport, accessory building, or any other structure, you must first get approval from the SPOA Architectural Control Committee. You must get approval before you install a whole-house generator. Fences facing the golf course must be “clear-view” i.e. allow visibility through the fence. For more info and a full list of covenants and restrictions, or to contact our SPOA Architectural Control Committee with questions, email SPOA or visit

NOTICE: Residents whose property is on the brick wall surrounding Stonebridge are legally responsible to maintain the wall behind their property. Failure to do so will result in legal action by SPOA. Many homeowner insurance policies will cover brick wall repairs. If your streetlight is leaning excessively or not working, please report it to Jefferson Parish at (504) 736-6941.

WE NEED YOU! Your all-volunteer SPOA board needs your help and encourages all residents to get involved and attend the SPOA board meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the Stonebridge Clubhouse. Please join with us and help us make Stonebridge a better place to live for everyone!

HELP! SPOA needs your email address and phone number! We want to keep you informed and need your contact information. We won’t send you junk emails/spam or give your info to anyone. PLEASE email your name, property address, date purchased, and phone number to Thank you!