Pay Your SPOA Dues

The Stonebridge Homeowners annual fee of $40 is mandatory for all property owners and was established and has been in place since the SPOA was created in 1982. This fee allows your all-volunteer SPOA to maintain the green spaces at our neighborhood entrances, put up seasonal decorations, provide decorative lighting and light pole banners, maintain our website, and pay attorney’s fees for covenant enforcement. Your fee payment keeps Stonebridge beautiful, a desirable place to live, with higher property values.

You can pay your dues online – or you can mail your check to: SPOA – Annual Fee, P.O. Box 1382, Harvey, LA 70059-1382.

To pay your dues online, please follow these simple instructions:

1.) Click on the yellow “Buy Now” button at the top of this page. This button will take you to a secure payment website where you pay your fee using PayPal or using a major credit card.

2.) Make sure you browser has taken you to the secure payment page. This page will show a box that says “Pay with PayPal”. Please note this page lets you pay with PayPal or with a major credit card.

3.) If you are paying with a credit card, click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button at the bottom of the secure page. Note that a $2 processing fee is added to online payments, so your total charge will be $42.

4.) If you are paying with PayPal, login to your PayPal account with your user name and password and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

Please be aware that your SPOA annual fee of $40 is mandatory, and that unpaid fees will accumulate if they are not paid every year. This means that when you sell or refinance your home, you will have to pay all of your unpaid fees in order to give you a clear title, so that your sale or refinance is not held up.

The SPOA appreciates the prompt payment of your annual fee and for your continued support of our neighborhood. If you wish to volunteer to help SPOA keep Stonebridge a great place to live, please contact us through our website, via regular mail, or attend one of our monthly meetings at the golf clubhouse.